MEL-O-YOGA Class Descriptions

Strengthen & Lengthen

Strengthen & Lengthen classes are appropriate for participants of varying yoga experience (from beginners to well seasoned) as long as there are no acute injuries.

Warm Power Flow

Warm Power Flow classes are heated to ~80 degrees & tend to move at a quicker pace and incorporate more movement than Strengthen & Lengthen classes.

Gentle/Beginner & Beginner Alignment

Gentle/Beginner classes are a great place to start if you are new to yoga or are looking for a slower paced, more meditative focused class.

Beginner Alignment classes may appeal to beginners as well as anyone who wants to practice slowly and methodically with attention to the details of the poses.


Restorative classes combine gentle yoga poses, deep breathing exercises, and meditation techniques.  All levels of practice are welcome to attend.

Beginner Flow

Beginner Flow classes teach the basics of Vinyasa Flow. You'll learn the poses & the sequences of Sun Salutations as well practicing them with a slow flow. 

Back, Neck & Shoulder Care

Back, Neck & Shoulder Care classes welcome practitioners of all levels – including absolute beginners - to this class specifically to care for your back, neck & shoulders. You will learn how to appropriately stretch and strengthen these areas as well as how to strengthen and stabilize your core and improve your postural alignment.

  • Learn a basic routine you can practice daily
  • Practice yoga alignment principles 
  • Begin to retrain your body away from poor postural patterns
  • Create balanced strength to maintain alignment