MEL-O-YOGA Instructors

Melanie Boulos, E-RYT200 - Owner


Melanie is a graduate of the Asheville Yoga Center 200 Hour Teacher Training & is currently working through Asheville Yoga Center to earn her 500 Hour Teacher Training Certification.  She has had a personal yoga practice for over 20 years.  Melanie leads well rounded classes that incorporate meditation, flow, balance, strengthening, and stretching.  She meets students where they are on their mat and helps them grow in their practice.  Melanie believes in the power of a regular yoga practice to calm the mind and balance the body, providing a more enjoyable quality of life. Melanie is  available for private sessions.

Sandy Love Lane, RYT200


Sandy is a graduate of the Asheville Yoga Center 200 Hour Teacher Training.  She came to yoga later in life and is fully convinced yoga has something to offer  people of all ages. While practicing yoga's poses and breathing techniques,  Sandy learned to listen to her body and  find inner calm. Her style of teaching is best described as Hatha flow. She has a tendency to hold poses a little longer to build strength and inner focus. Sandy hopes to help others discover whatever benefits they are seeking from the practice of yoga--both on and off the mat.   

Sumner Fountain, RYT200


Sumner is a graduate of Zen Studios 200 Hour Teacher Training. Though her first foray into practice was based solely in asana (poses), she soon learned about the other limbs of yoga, and they truly changed her life. She decided to begin her teacher training program with the hopes of introducing others to the healing of yoga, and thereby reintroducing students to themselves. She tries to bring body awareness to students by creating space and time for them to feel what their body and soul need, then giving them the tools to respond.

Joan Craig, AIYT500


 Joan is a graduate of Lillah Schwartz's 500 Hour Certified Yoga training. She is also a Fellow of Applied Functional Science, which she earned through the Gray Institute. She is trained in the alignment principles of yoga and uses that training to help restore function for people who have musculoskeletal injuries or pain. Alignment-based yoga may also appeal to anyone who wants to practice slowly and methodically, with attention to the details of the poses. Joan's goal is to help each student make his or her body feel good so they can do what brings them joy. And along the way, she hopes they get a feeling of inner peace too.  Joan is available for private sessions.  

Paula Calvert, E-RYT500


Paula is a graduate of the 200 Hour and 500 Hour Teacher Trainings at Porter's Neck Yoga in Wilmington, NC.  She felt a connection to yoga from her first practice. For Paula, yoga is more than just physical movement, it is a way for her to connect with her breath and go inward. Although Ashtanga was originally her primary focus and love, her practice has  evolved as her body has changed and as she has discovered new teachers to inspire her. Vinyasa yoga (where the breathing & movement become one) is what encourages Paula to keep returning to her practice.  Paula is also available for private sessions.

Angela Murphy, E-RYT200


Angela is a graduate of Greenville Yoga's 200 Hour Teacher Training and has practiced for over ten years. She is truly a yoga nerd: weekends often find her at an anatomy workshop or reading the latest book on meditation. As a lifetime hater of gym class and really any form of exercise, no one was more surprised than Angela when she fell in love with yoga. After her first class, she noticed she felt better than she had when she walked in. Soon she was stronger, more flexible, and, most importantly, a better, calmer mom to her two sons. Now with her boys almost grown, Angela is more grateful than ever for her yoga practice, and firmly believes the world would be a better place if we’d all just do more yoga!

Beth Dill, E-RYT200


Beth is a graduate of Yoganize's 200 Hour Teacher Training and has taught over 1,000 hours of yoga to students of all fitness levels.  She began her personal yoga journey over 10 years ago, when she discovered it was the key to finding balance in her busy life as a business person, wife, and mother. In Beth’s classes, you will find opportunities to enhance your strength, flexibility, and focus without the pressures of comparison and criticism we sometimes place on ourselves. Her classes incorporate a variety of teaching styles, and she builds in time for relaxation within the physical practice to achieve a fully balanced experience. Beth is passionate about helping her students connect with their true inner selves, achieve deeper and better sleep, live with less pain, and be more present in their daily lives.